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Catering Services Helps Create Menu Ideas for Your Upcoming Corporate Events


When it comes to corporate catering, the term must haves’ can mean different things to different caterers. It’s important, however, that all corporate catering menu ideas are in line with corporate catering goals. These goals may vary from company size, target audience, level of service, and even periods for which corporate catering has to be done. Read on to see some corporate catering menu ideas that are sure to spark good conversation amongst your staff and clients alike…

Do you have a corporate event? Whether it’s for an employee holiday party, a welcome break for recruits, or another corporate catering function, good corporate catering menu choices will help create the ideal atmosphere for your corporate events. For example, in a recent event catering where we helped put on a corporate lunch function and event catering service, the following corporate catering menu selections were used… Caesar salad with crackers, baked chicken, a dressing on crackers, and a choice of meatballs or shrimp. Wow! That is a lot to feed your crowd, but if you have the right choices, everyone should be happy!

Corporate Catering Menu

A good corporate catering menu idea for an early morning event catering is a delicious “coffee and cracker” breakfast buffet. Coffee crackers come in a variety of flavours such as fresh-made, house-smoked and a wide range of flavoured and sugar-loaded pastries. Baked potatoes are another very popular choice for morning events. A baked potato pancake (served with fresh toast) is the perfect way to top off a sumptuous meal for corporate catering.

What about a delicious selection of appetizers for an after-party corporate catering menu? A variety of hand-made cocktail dressings would be a great selection for an after-party catering company. Cocktail dressings can include a selection of fresh strawberries, fresh cherries, and apple cider vinegar with maple syrup. You can also top off a cocktail hour with some finger foods such as mini quiches, mini pizzas, and mini muffins.

corporate catering

The main meal for your corporate event can be a full-service buffet or a sit-down dinner. Full-service catering companies will offer a variety of dishes that fit a variety of budgets. Salads, appetizers, pasta, desserts, and even pasta options can all be found for full-service catering companies. And don’t forget dessert for your corporate event – many full-service catering companies offer a full-service dessert menu that includes a wide range of rich chocolate desserts and pies.

More Ideas

Corporate catering menus can also include meeting breaks and breakfasts. Meeting breaks are very popular because they give employees a quick snack while on break. Many meeting breaks are served with a combination of coffee, tea, and light snacks. Meeting breakfasts can range from hot cereals, waffles, bagels, and muffins to an exotic fruit platter.

As for side dishes, you have so many options these days. Side dishes can range from traditional items like rice, beans, potatoes, and vegetables to vegetarian dishes with cheese and other exotic ingredients. Your corporate catering provider has plenty of options for you to choose from. One important thing to keep in mind is that salads should never be served with meat.

The best corporate catering providers will help customize menus for events by asking the customer about their favourite foods and drinks. You can have your caterer create a delicious and innovative menu just for your corporate party. You may want to request some creative flair such as a whimsical painting of your logo or company mascot. For more fun, request a photo on the menu – or better yet, have one of your corporate catering companies take a picture of your group for the menu. Your catering provider will be sure to capture the image and put it on the menu for all to enjoy. Catering services today offer incredible options for corporate catering.

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