Corporate Catering Services

Corporate catering is the business of supplying food for workers of an organization to eat at their work locations. This may be for a once-a-year event or on a regular daily basis. 

To make a big difference in corporate catering services, ask for creative ideas that will attract and inform employees about what they will be eating. An example is a seminar, which will last for three days. Each day, employees will be served lunch every day. The foods can be appetizers, salads, and other light meals. 


A corporate catering menu can include foods that are healthy for employees to eat. When preparing these meals, make sure to have plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein sources. A large group of employees eating a healthy meal together can be a great source of motivation to get everyone moving. Catering to a large group of people requires planning. There are many things to consider, such as how much food to order, what type of food should be served, when to have the buffet, etc.

Catering companies that specialize in small business events offer many different types of catering menus. They may use the term “gourmet” in their menus. These menus may include a wide range of options, such as grilled chicken, prime rib, Mediterranean meals, and vegetarian selections. Small corporate caterers often have several signature dishes that are popular among employees. At these business events, the focus is usually on meeting the needs of the small group of employees, rather than creating an extravagant corporate event.

Lunch Catering

Many corporate catering companies offer lunch catering services. The focus of these lunch catering programs is to feed as many employees at the lunch party as possible. A catering company may prepare a variety of menus with several different types of foods, to feed a large number of employees. Many corporate catering companies have expanded their menu selections beyond traditional lunch choices to meet the needs of busy corporate executives.

Many catering companies offer breakfast, lunch, and even dinner menus. At corporate catering services, employees can choose from a variety of entrees, salads, soups, and even desserts. These corporate catering menus can vary greatly. One may be geared towards a young executive who is on a spending spree and is looking for a quick meal; another might focus on a corporate lawyer who is in town for an important business deal. Corporate catering menus can also vary based upon the location of the service, and the time of day.

Special Events

A corporate catering services business may also cater to special events. Brunches and meetings also make up a great deal of business for corporate catering services, as are holiday parties. Many catering services do corporate events and holiday parties. Depending upon the time of year, many specialize in catering for dinner meetings and dinners for clients and associates.

From corporate meetings to lunches, luncheons, and even dinners, corporate catering businesses are set up to cater to every need of their customers. These services will customize their menus to meet the needs of any corporate setting. The most popular corporate catering menu will vary by location and time of day. However, for larger companies that serve lunch and dinner regularly, everyday menus are a common practice. Every corporate catering service works to satisfy their clients and will take the time to consider their customer’s requests, ideas and tastes.…