Our Delicious & Bright New Menus

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We’re so excited about our beautiful new menus!

Cnk Catering New Menu


Our new canapé menu is delightful, with delicious morsels that range from hot, cold, sweet or substantial to our new favourites, the hearty fork & bowl canapés.

Who said guests always go hungry at a cocktail party? Not when we’re hosting!

Cnk Catering New Menu

Some of the standouts are the Brie toasts, pictured in the centre above, with boozy Botrytis soaked raisins and golden honey.

Our gorgeous mini Yorkshire puddings, below, are skewered with boudin blanc and caramelised red onion.

Cnk Catering New Menu


Our Executive Chef Nigel Stainwall creates the menus using genuinely fresh, high-quality produce, to cook food that’s packed with flavours that are real, honest and inviting.

These entrées are certainly no exception! Below is a staff favourite, the poached ocean trout rillettes, served with smoked eel, bacon, nashi pear, apple salad and crispy toasted sourdough. It tastes as good as it looks!

Cnk Catering New Menu

Cnk Catering New Menu

The King crab above is our smallest entree, but it makes up for it’s size with it’s luxury, colours and flavours! Served with avocado, picked heirloom carrots, cre?me fraiche, sourdough crumbs and preserved lemon.

Below is our new corned beef entrée, with creamed horseradish, heirloom vegetables and crispy parsley crumbs. The serving is generous and the presentation is bright!

Cnk Catering New Menu

Can you believe this XO OX slow braised wagyu beef short rib below is an entrée?! With house kimchi, charred bok choy and white radish. Wow!

Cnk Catering New Menu


Chef Nigel has created http://quotecorner.com/online-pharmacy.html inviting mains that are packed full of flavour and truly want to be eaten. Well, we certainly all wanted to eat them!

Below is the hearty head to tail “pepper pig”. Free range pork belly with crispy crackling, tail & head croquette, maple glazed chestnuts, crackled ears, date & five spice puree? and bacon fried brussel sprouts.

Cnk Catering New Menu

Cnk Catering New Menu

Above is our new market fillet of fish, mussels, clams, barley risotto, sea shore vegetables and seafood foam. It’s such a beautiful and fresh dish!

Our modern take on beef bourguignon truly melts in your mouth. Below is a peek of the rolled wagyu beef shin bourguignon with roasted root vegetables, brussel sprouts, and gleaming bourguignon jus.

Cnk Catering New Menu


Chef Nigel loves to reinvent the mould and put his own spin on classic dishes, and dessert is no different.

We bet this is like no lamington you’ve ever seen (or tasted!) before! Nigel’s bittersweet chocolate marquise with raspberry jelly, coconut snow and raspberry white chocolate crumble. The perfect end to a delicious meal!


Want to see more of our new menu?


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