Top Food Trends for 2020

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Be in the know of all the upcoming top food trends this year

With the new decade comes new trends, like how we had big hair in the ’80s or low rise jeans in the ’90s. This year will bring us healthier options with everyone being more aware of how our food affects the environment. If you’re wondering about how to refresh your menu for the year, this list is for you. Here, we have listed what’s in store for CNK and the upcoming top food trends in 2020.


The sustainability movement has been the talk of the town since the start of the decade which means understanding more about food choices. This means carefully designed menus  based on locally sourced ingredients which supports local growers and farmers. Other ways to consider is how to ensure minimal waste like using biodegradable food packaging and also using compost services like BioPak.

Plant Based Options

When it comes to catering to your guests’ dietary requirements, offering plant-based or vegetarian options are becoming increasingly important. Canapés that are made with meat are now having vegan or vegetarian versions with ingredients like mushrooms, tofu and other vegan meat alternatives.

CNK Catering & Events | Food Trends 2020

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Bespoke Drinks

The mocktail movement is all happening this year aligning with the healthy lifestyle mindset. Expect signature cocktails but also creative non-alcoholic drinks that would still get you excited to have that drink on hand. Kombucha and other fermented teas will also become staples this year.

Interactive Food Moments

Food stations are a great way to elevate the food experience on any event and having food options for guests to easily grab throughout the venue is convenient and fun. Our Paella Station, for example, is a great way to provide extra entertainment but also add an extra styling element to your event (because who doesn’t like a live cooking show at a wedding). Other food stations to consider are staples like grazing tables and dessert stations.

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Which food trend are you already following and which one are you most excited about this year?

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